Small Theater studio was founded about 20 years ago on the basis of juvenile dramatic studio. Through these years youngsters aged 7-16 have got their primary education in theater arts, most of whom later has chosen the profession of an actor. Through the years of education following subjects are studied:  Acting Skills, Stage Speech, Stage Action and Classical Dances.

Small Theater studio is improving the communication between students through the practice of theater/drama. Through the Drama facilitation we are trying to identify the goals and needs of each student and then lead them to drama activities, games, and improvisational exercises that will create a forum for reflection, discussion and fun. Students are guided through collaborative group activities where they create small scenes with some text and movement using the tools they have been given. Small Theater studio is providing an introduction to the fundamental vocabulary, skills and concepts of acting. Students are asked to explore the actor’s process through a series of exercises that develop listening, concentration and imagination. Practical Exercises for breathing and sounding techniques to developing a free voice.