Creaviva: Create by Living

Creaviva: Create by Living

The Creaviva Children’s Museum at the Zentrum Paul Klee Centre in Switzerland is an alternative platform for art education. From the get-go it has operated with its own philosophy and concept. Children are not taught the “alphabet” of art here. Instead, they are encouraged to see and recognize art and through their own creativity discover its boundlessness. In Creaviva they learn by playing and play with art. Here, art is created for children, by children and with children.

It was a unique opportunity to meet the Director of the Creaviva Pia Lädrach and museum employee artist Franz Brülhar on October 15th at the National Centre for Aesthetics. They presented the Creaviva Museum’s activities, main projects, educational approaches, and held a practical class for the participants towards the end.

Pia Lädrach noticed key similarities between the Creaviva Museum’s and NCA’s missions and activities. In both centres the principle of art accessibility is emphasized and major works are being done in the realm of inclusiveness.

Pia Lädrach and Franz Brülhar visited NCA’s art studios where they held discussions with their Armenian counterparts. They will visit Yerevan again in 2022 with a more comprehensive programme.

The Creaviva Children’s Museum’s representatives visits was held as part of Third International Print Biennale, Yerevan 2021, in cooperation with the Embassy of Switzerland in Armenia.

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