Focus Meghri / Boundless Art on the Border

Focus Meghri / Boundless Art on the Border

With the support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia (RA ESCS) the National Centre for Aesthetics carried out a series of master classes in different art directions in NCA Meghri Subdivision from July 30 to August 15. This project entitled “Focus Meghri” turned border town Meghri into a venue for conversations on the boundlessness of art for three weeks. Photography, film production, printing artworks, graphic design, architecture, and literature studios were set up where the invited specialists did their best to pass on not only new knowledge through theoretical and practical classes but also change the locals’ daily life. Furthermore, they encouraged students to pay close attention to the occurring events around them and look at their questions of concern from new angles. As a result, 7 architectural projects, more than 80 graphic designs, 25 graphic prints, 73 photographic works, and 5 documentary short films were created. As part of the project, the production of T-shirts and bags was established, and the “Meghragir” literary blog was launched. Meanwhile, the participants of the graphic design workshop created the emblem of Meghri. The participants were awarded certificates at the end of the project.

An extensive Armenian Iranian cultural program commenced as part of the “Focus Meghri” project. The Cultural Centre of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Armenia donated a music system and a video projector-screen to the NCA Meghri Subdivision. Furthermore, a film illustrating the Centre’s activity was screened. This new cooperation will result in the NCA Meghri Subdivision’s incorporation into an active platform for realization of cultural and educational programs of these two countries.

The National Centre for Aesthetics’ most remote subdivision is in Meghri. This project not only   opted for contributing to the cultural life and expanding the locals’ interests in this border town 370 km away from Yerevan but also decentralizing culture and art from the capital. This is one of the NCA’s priorities and the first stop of its realization was one of the most remote corners  of Armenia.  Once again “Focus Meghri” project exposed the existing gaps in the field of art education in Meghri. The project sought to shed light on all these issues and find solutions. This was the first step which will continue in the form of new ideas and initiatives.

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