“Art for My Neighbor”

“Art for My Neighbor” project presentation by Armine Hovhannisyan (Armenia) and Erdinc Alniak (Turkey)

Opening: November 10, 2014, 16:00
National Center of Aesthetics
37 Moskovyan St., 0001 Yerevan, Armenia

The aim of the “Art for My Neighbor” project is to establish a mutual dialogue and knowledge exchange between two neighboring countries, Armenia and Turkey, through engaging Armenian and Turkish children in creative practices.

The conceptual side of the project is to create an opportunity for children to work with materials, which have natural and geological origins. The main conceptual goal of the project is to shape a specific experience which addresses the knowledge production about the neighboring country and landscape through the production of shared thoughts and creative interlinks.

The first part of the project will present a series of creative workshops with Armenian children from the National Center of Aesthetics led by Armine Hovhannisyan (Armenia) and Erdinc Alniak (Turkey) in Yerevan. The production of the workshops will be presented in the Children Canakkale Biennale, 2015.

This travel is supported by the Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant administered by the Hrant Dink Foundation in partnership with the Civilitas Foundation. Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant is funded by the European Union within the framework of the program “Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process”.

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