Inspired by W. Shakespeare’s tragedies


SHAKEspeare is based on four tragedies written by William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear and Othello. SHAKEspeare is a mounting, polyphonic journey across the four plays, identifying the parallels between main characters, situations and scenes. The combinations of different plays together in one work enhance the intense color palette of human nature evident in each individually. In this performance, love and power are made transparent, as existential plights of life and death are passionately enacted by the young actors as they expertly navigate the labyrinth of human relationships. Pleasant and peaceful lives gradually evolve and culminate in a story of despair, fateful decisions, passion and death.

Idea, concept and staging: Vahan Badalyan

Choreography: Tamara Aydinyan

Video: Vahram Manukyan and Albert Movsesyan

Scenography: Vahan Badalyan with participation of Narek Minasyan

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