A collaboration between the UK’s Candoco Dance Company and Armenia’s first integrated theatre company, NCA Small Theater, Armenia.

Supported by British Council, British Embassy in Yerevan, Ministry of Culture of Armenia and Saint Sarkis Charity Trust.



Hiraeth is a Welsh word describing a feeling of homesickness, possibly for a homeland that you have never visited. This production is presented by Armenian’s first integrated dance collective, bringing together disabled and non-disabled performers collaborating to tell the story of the painful, yet remarkable journey of the Armenian people throughout their history: their yearning for a lost homeland and their efforts to regain an identity in new land.


Choreography: Jemima Hoadley, (Grate Britain)

Sound score: Vahan Harutyunyan

Art advisers: Vahan Badalyan, Stine Nilsen (Artistic co-director, Candoco Dance Company)

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