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The first Children’s art gallery in the world was established in Yerevan, Armenia on March 13, 1970 by the art critic Henrik Igityan and Zhanna Aghamiryan. This was the first such gallery not only in Soviet Union but in the whole world. In 1978 the Children’s art gallery transformed into the Children’s art museum.
For more than 40 years Children’s art museum in Yerevan has been representing children’s art as a part of the world culture. The museum has participated in many international exhibitions and has received many prestigious awards. Permanent collection includes 150,000 works from 120 countries around the world, exhibited in four categories: Armenian paintings, International paintings, Decorative-applied art and Exhibitional. Every month we open a new exhibition of the students of National center of aesthetics as well as one man shows. Thousands of schoolchildren attend the Museum and learn a lot concerning art. The Museum educates and develops their taste, imagination and reveals in them painting capabilities.


Children’s Art Museum is a member of the “Yerevan Card” City Pass Program. In the framework of cooperation between Yerevan Card and Children’s Art Museum, cardholders are given free access to the museum.
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Children’s art museum is provided with audio guide. Download and install the free app by going to . Find “Children’s art museum” in museum list and choose
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The Children’s art museum permanent collection boasts a number of renowned works including drawings, batik works, embroidery carpets, metal works, wood, stone carving, ceramics and special collections.


The exhibition hall is on the first floor of the museum where we show different art works from the studios of the National Center of Aesthetics as well as various contemporary artists’ creations.

Media coverage

Several interesting articles have been published through the years about the Children’s art museum.

Opening hours: Tues-Sat 10 AM – 17 PM /  Sun 10 AM – 16 PM
Address: 13 Abovyan St., 0001 Yerevan Armenia
Phone:  00374 10 52 09 51, 00374 10 52 09 22