Gyumri branch of the National Center of Aesthetics was founded in 1978 by art historian and founder of NCA Henrik Igityan as a Children’s art gallery of People’s education department with the support of professor and member of Armenian Artists’ Union Susanna Mkrtchyan, who is currently the director of the Branch. In 1983 Gyumri branch was included in the structure of NCA.
Currently, painting, carpet, embroidery, art design, computer design, classic and modern dance as well as literary art classes guided by the experienced, highly qualified teachers available in the branch. More than 36 years nearly 300-400 pupils each year aged between 3 and 18 not only from Gyumri but also from whole Shirak region attend classes of the branch.
The mission of the Branch is to awaken a sense of beauty and develop aesthetic awareness in children. Pupils’ works were exhibited in many countries around the world, winning prizes and rewards.

Susanna Mkrtchyan
head of the branch

Vaghinak Avetisyan
painting classes

Arpine Galoyan
embroidery classes

Tiruhi Galachyan
carpet weaving classes

Rima Ispiryan
design classes

Armenuhi Avdalyan
painting classes

Zhirayr Zaqeyan
painting classes

Anush Petrosyan
embroidery classes

Arusyak Hovhannisyan
embroidery classes

Aida Suvaryan
dance classes

Lilit Serobyan
dance classes

Roza Hovhannisyan
literary art classes

Khanum Chapanyan
choir singing and folk music classes


In 1984 due to the efforts of Henrik Igityan Vanadzor branch of NCA was founded. Currently, various classes such as painting, carpet, embroidery, applique, papier mache, dolls and puppets, batik, language skills development and art history are available in this branch.

Each year nearly 250-280 students aged between 3 and 18 develop their skills and learn different art techniques. Guided by the experienced, highly qualified teachers create amazing works. To present their creative works, students use exhibition hall of the branch. Various interesting events like performances for kids, chalk drawing contests, book presentations, individual and group exhibitions of artists are organized in this space.

Students of Vanadzor branch actively participate in national competitions and festivals, as well as successfully represent the branch at different international competitions.

Karine Gloyan
head of the branch,
batik painting classes

Anzhelika Jaghinyan
head teacher, art history and embroidery classes

Liana Sargsyan
doll maikng classes

Vahan Shahbazyan
painting classes

Anahit Kirakosyan
batik painting classes

Ashkhen Ghazanchyan
carpet weaving classes

Sona Samvelyan
painting classes for
preschool group

Julietta Khachatryan
painting classes

Mary Vanyan
art history classes

Ashkhen Hovhannisyan
papier mache classes

Lusine Khachatryan
speech skills classes