“Self-Recognition: Erebuni”

The extensive project “Self-Recognition: Erebuni” has entered a new work phase. Accompanied by the NCA specialists, the Centre’s students have visited the “Erebuni” Historical-Archaeological Reserve-Museum, listened to lectures, participated in game-excursions, and familiarized themselves with the potential of the museum and its branches for about a month. The sketching stage has now commenced. Inspired by the visits the participants are in active creative process during which they develop the sketches of their works. “This gives an opportunity not only to draw/paint what they are impressed by,  but also to think how to utilize the received new information in the creative process”, says Sona Hovhannisyan, an expert on educational programs and the project’s coordinator.  Following the completion of the sketching phase the students will create works in different directions of fine arts with modern techniques and present their own interpretation of the given historical period. Visits to the ancient sites of Shengavit and Karmir Blur (“Red Hill”) are forthcoming.

“Small Theater – NCA” in the Focus of the British Periodical

Who are the young artists of Yerevan? What motivates them to experiment with new forms and content without being afraid of different boundaries and barriers? The reputable British periodical The Calvert Journal talked to six young Armenian artists to discover the path they have passed, their impulses to create, and their main themes.  The Calvert also introduced NCA’s Director and Artistic Director of Small Theatre Vahan Badalyan to its readers.

You can read the article here.


An extensive exhibition entitled “Diversity” will open in NCA’s Museum on May 15. The exhibition was initiated by the “Dialogue of Cultures” organization in conjunction with the Jan Matejko Krakow Academy of Fine Arts and NCA as part of the upcoming “Third International Print Biennale, Yerevan 2021.”

59 creative printing artworks by 40 Polish artists will be exhibited at the premises of the NCA Museum until July 5. The curators of the exhibition are Dr. Mateusz Otremba and Tomasz Winiarski. Dr. Otremba is the President of the International Jury of the Second and Third International Print Biennale Yerevan and a professor at the Jan Matejko Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. Mr. Winiarski is the first prize winner of the First International Print Biennale, Yerevan 2017. The goal of the exhibitio

n is promoting the professional interest in printing artworks in Armenia, meanwhile presenting the Armenian audience the possibilities of various techniques used by artists active internationally and specializing in this field.

Pan-Armenian Children and Youth Painting Annual Contest-Festival

“Vivants!”: Crossing Glances

The works of five young French and Armenian photographers are exhibited in the Museum of the Henrik Igityan National Centre for Aesthetics (Abovyan 13) from March 23 to April 18. In the exhibition entitled “Vivants!” the photographers present their perceptions about modern France and Armenia. The exhibition is initiated by the French Embassy in Armenia in collaboration with the annual French festival CIRCULATION(S) organized by the FETART Collective and the National Centre for Aesthetics.

The entrance is free.



In 1968 an unusual exhibition was opened in the Artists’ Union of Armenia. A new pure world, free from invented canons and conventions, declared its right to have its own place in the hierarchy of aesthetic values. The initiators and organizers of the exhibition “The World in Children’s Eyes” were art critic Henry Igityan and educational specialist Janna Aghamiryan. Presented at the exhibition were more than 800 works of children from 65 schools and art studios of Yerevan. The organizers of the exhibition reached their goal; the children’s work proved its right to be called “art”. But it was only one part of the work. There was a need to create conditions for preserving this rich, colorful and fantastic world in order to make it more accessible for the general public.

So on March 13, 1970, at 13 Abovyan Street in Yerevan, Armenia, The Children’s Gallery was opened. That fact became an event not only for the city, but also for the whole country (former USSR). There was nothing like it in the world. Within two weeks nearly 120,000 people visited the exhibition. The Children’s gallery very quickly gained a reputation outside of Armenia and today there are 150,000 works on display from more than 110 countries of the world. Subsequently, the Children’s Gallery served as a foundation from which the National Center of Aesthetics (NCA) was created and in 1980 the Center became a permanent refuge for Children’s Art and Aesthetical Education.

Currently functioning within the Center in Yerevan are two department  the Department of Fine Arts and Decorative Applied Arts with various studios, two theaters  ̶  “Small Theater” and “Metro” theater-studio, as well as folk dance studio and seven year musical school of national instruments. Branches outside of Yerevan  ̶  in Gyumri, Vanadzor, Meghri, Goris and Sevan were established as well.

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